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Store, manage, and interact securely with tokens and digital assets on Flow. Discover a range of wallets that offer convenient ways to handle and safeguard your cryptocurrency holdings, ensuring easy access and enhanced security for your transactions and assets.

Flow Wallet

Flow Wallet is Flow's oldest wallet extension and seamlessly interacts with all Cadence and EVM dApps in the ecosystem.


Blocto is a cross-chain mobile wallet for IOS and Android devices.

Dapper Wallet

Dapper Wallet is a wallet exceptionally friendly for first time crypto collectors to buy and manage digital assets.


Ledger is a hardware wallet to secure, buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets.


NuFi is a non-custodial wallet with staking and Ledger support.

Magic is a developer SDK that integrates with your application to enable passwordless Web3 onboarding (no seed phrases) and authentication using magic links (similar to Slack and Medium).


Niftory is a developer platform that offers APIs to create wallets and interact with NFTs.


Finoa is a platform for institutional investors to safely store and stake their FLOW tokens.


Shadow is your web3 companion, enabling you to store your assets, transact with friends, and connect to apps on multiple chains.

Flow Dev Wallet

Looking for a way to create mock developer wallets to test your app? The The Flow Dev Wallet simulates the protocols used by FCL to interact with the Flow blockchain on behalf of simulated user accounts.